On the seventh day, some inspiration

Every student of photography (including myself) go through a phase in which they fantasize with the idea of being a war photographer and / or join Magnum. In some way and for certain professionals, be accepted in Magnum means earning a reputation as a photographer. Being a member is certainly a pride though some say that “everyone wants to associate and, when you are in, you can only think about leaving”.

I don´t know how much truth there is in it. But I can imagine the pressure to “play in the same league” than legends of photography such us Robert Capa or Henri Cartier-Bresson. Anyway, this documentary is really interesting if you like photography.


When I taught photography I used to say that one “incidental finding” doesn´t make you a photographer. That is, a photographer needs good technique, lots of practice and, above all, effort. You´ll see that one hundred shots maybe will give you a good one. Or maybe not.

Do you want to learn from the best ones? Two good lessons from Steve Mc Curry: Say hello and pick unusual vantage points. You are welcome.

And finally, a touching testimony that have made me meditate these days. This is why, right now, I´m shutting down my computer and going live!

Have a nice week


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