On the seventh day, some inspiration

I´m not patient at all. That´s one of the reasons because I feel attracted by the pictorial photography. It requires a big amount of patience not only to prepare the picture but also to develop the image in the dark room. I´ve always thought that pictorial photographers were/are magicians, alchemists in some way. “You don´t take the picture, you craft it”, says Sally Mann.

This week I loved this remake project, seen in A Cup of Jo. It has the spirit of some nineteenth century photographers who prepared the shooting as pictures before taking the photograph. Others processed the image into the dark room by using formulas and techniques which give them the appearance of a drawing. I´ve spent some time learning about the pictorial processes that some contemporary photographers use nowadays. Artists & Alchemists website shows some photographers methods which resurrect antique methods in modern photography.

It´s fascinating to take a look at the poetic way they all understand photography. But I have one question, when will he have the documentary? It seems the project is at a standstill…

And finally, did you think you have a clear definition for Photography? After reviewing this publication, I´m sure, you don´t.

Have a nice week!


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