On the seventh day, some inspiration

Let´s play. I say: underwater photography. And you are probably thinking about sharks, starfishes and coral. You can even imagine something like this if there are kids at home :)  But it’s not so. I’m thinking about floating models, calm settings and elaborate scenes. Graceful and poetic series.

This weekend was supposed to be sunny. And I was supposed to be enjoying the beach. Next time. In the meantime, the rain through my window have reminded me all this portfolios:

- Pictorial, heroic portraits underwater.
- Elegant dancers.
- Not focused but splendid views, full of movement and intensity.
- Her water babies are amazing.
- Behance is a showcase full of talent. Don´t miss the rest of the gallery and explore other artists (maybe you would like to take a look at my place).
- His page collapsed when he uploaded this series first time.

And as a bonus track, from now on, this is my source of all things wicked and awesome. Mental note: I must stop subscribing new blogs!

Have a not so wet week!

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